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Diversity and Inclusion

"A Scout has self-respect and respect for others"


Lets debunk an old myth - Scouting is NOT "just for boys".  In the UK 20% of our members are female and this figure is rising.  In fact, the UK's rich diversity is reflected in UK Scouting and we take great care to include both young people and adult helpers regardless of factors such as class, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, marital or sexual status, mental or physical ability, political or religious belief.  The only restriction is for adult volunteers to be verified as "appropriate persons" for the role in which they are undertaking.

We believe that nobody should receive less favorable treatment, no matter what their background. This is why we have an Equal Opportunities Policy and why our members have a duty to practice that equality in the way that we talk and in the way we act. Its up to each one of us to carry out the policy.

UK legislation requires that we all make reasonable adjustments to include people with disabilities which in practice means adapting activities to make them accessible and enjoyable for all, ensuring our sites are accessible, and ensuring that our volunteers get the support they need to understand their members needs.

However, its fair to say that there is still a gender gap and we need to keep encouraging the recruitment of girls into the Movement, as well as the recruitment of people from minority ethnic groups etc.

Help us to build a happier, stronger and more caring society!

Inclusion Matters

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